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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gloria Velez Says Nicki Minaj Is Wack But Has A Good Team Behind Her


Lisa Raye Explains Her Divorce, Seeing Pictures Of Rocsi On The Internet And Her Beef With Vivica Fox*K94kCFzESU8CTdtErkxvvxEbQy8bC5CHwSt34USSDeV-l7rzyJZZY--/lisaraye.jpg


Bobby Brown Responds To Internet Rumors Of His Death 'That Damn Twitter Is The Devil'


lu hefner bday party at bb kings this saturday

“Basketball Wives” Evelyn Lozada Says A Stalker Hacked Nude Photos, Threatened Her And Harrassed Her Daughter

"Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada Has a Miami Shoe Store Dulce
“Basketball Wives” cast member Evelyn Lozada is already experiencing the bittersweet side of reality fame. The reality star recently had nude photos leak to the internet, but she says that isn’t even the half of it!!! Pop the hood for the drama
Lozada spoke to about her harrowing experience, which eventually resulted in having the FBI involved.
It’s bigger than just pictures,” Lozada, whose nude pictures hit the Web recently, tells VIBE. “When I started taping the show, I started getting these random harassing emails and text messages every day of taping and I couldn’t figure out who it was.”
The harassment was so severe, she says, that Lozada’s 17-year-old daughter was sucked into the drama. The stalker who hacked into Lozada’s email and threatened to “make money” off of her began sending spoof text messages to her daughter pretending to be mom.
“Imagine if someone texted my phone from your number but it isn’t really you, that’s what spoofing is,” says Lozada. “It was happening to my daughter where they were pretending it was me. God forbid somebody lures her somewhere and something happens to her. I can’t have that happen.”
While the FBI is currently involved in the case, Lozada says the “Basketball Wives” were actually able to get to the bottom of the situation themselves.
“We used [fellow castmember] Suzie as the spy because she used to be friends with the woman I suspected. Come to find out, it was her [and] she’s another basketball wife,” says Lozada of the woman who is not part of the cast. “I don’t know why she’s doing it. Nothing has ever happened between us. I think some people really are just jealous.”
As for the leak, Lozada says were it not for her child, she wouldn’t be too upset about the photos hitting the net. At the same time, the situation has taught her not to judge others:
“At the end of the day I’m grown. Those pictures were taken in the privacy of my own home. It wasn’t like I was sleeping with a bunch of guys but of course I was mortified,” says Lozada. “Thank God my daughter and I have the relationship that we have because I told her beforehand that this could happen. If I didn’t have my daughter I’d be like it’s whatever but she’s in high school and boys are going to see that so that’s what hurt me the most.”
“This experience taught me not to judge people because certain things don’t always make them a bad person,” says Lozada. “This woman is stalking me and trying to defame me and that’s hurtful to me [but] at the end of the day, I’m an amazing mother [and] very humble regardless of the lifestyle that I was living. I’ll always be that little girl from The Bronx.”
CRAZY!!! You would think that with all that money and their luxury lifestyles, these women would find better things to do with their time than harass each other, but it seems like for some folks they never mature beyond high school. Hopefully Evelyn’s daughter is also watching and learning from this and can take something away … Like maybe not to take nude photos? Or to get some goals beyond finding a rich guy to support her? Just sayin’!

Rikers Island Prison Guard Fired For Spying On Lil Wayne, Files Lawsuit

A former prison guard at New York's Rikers Island is out of a job today after being fired for reportedly spying on Lil Wayne.
Amelia Negron is filing a federal lawsuit against the city after she says she was forced to confess to spying on the Young Money head while he continues to serve his 12 month sentence at the facility.
Negron was dismissed from the prison after Rikers officials say she purposely walked into a room where Lil Wayne was being held to sneak a peek at the celebrity.
While she admits to entering the room, the former guard says she was just trying to speak to one of her colleagues.
She tells the New York Daily News that she was asked to leave the celeb's presence immediately after walking in.
“The door to the area was unlocked, and so I went in to say hello, and that officer said, 'Hey, you can't be here. We've got a celeb here.' I said, 'Okay, no problem,' turned around and left,"

She then tells the NYDN that one of her superiors offered to “take care of things” if she just admitted that she wanted a chance to see Weezy, so she lied and confessed.
She was fired shortly after on April 19 for “missing too many days of work.”
Rikers Island officials have been quoted saying that her firing was “entirely appropriate.”
She's suing for harassment and discrimination.
“We've got a celeb in here”?

Stapleton resident's killer arrested in North Carolina

WILMINGTON, N.C. -- The 37-year-old fugitive arrested in North Carolina Tuesday was wanted in connection with the murder of another Stapleton resident in Albany on Halloween, according to a published report.
James P. Cureton -- a former Islander who public records indicate is now a resident of the Bronx -- was nabbed in a Wilmington apartment complex by U.S. Marshals, who were working in conjunction with local police after receiving a tip regarding his whereabouts.
Raymond Brooks, of the 100 block of Gordon Street, was discovered shot to death just doors away from the Executive Mansion -- which is located at 138 Eagle St. -- at 3:15 p.m., about the same time Gov. David Paterson and his wife, Michelle Paige Paterson, were handing out candy to neighborhood children. Brooks had been staying with a female acquaintance, the Albany Times Union reported.
Another man, Norbert Grigger, was arraigned in Albany County Court on a second-degree murder charge Tuesday, also in connection with Brooks' killing, the paper reported.
Cureton is being held in a North Carolina jail. He will be sent to Albany to faces charges, but the timing of that is unclear.

ghetto hood love

Aww I couldn't bring myself to splash "Dead Azz Wrong" across the pics cuz you gotta celebrate black love whenever you can.. but..umm... more after the jump!

They danced their special dance while listening to the radio channel on tv.. *sigh* How special!

What in the muslim hell?

The couldn't move that truck? I mean come on son!!

hood rats in the club

staten island hustlerz are back

Rick Ross Discusses New Jay-Z Collabo

During Rick Ross’ conference call two weeks ago, he revealed that Jay-Z was featured on his upcoming album, Teflon Don. Speaking to MTV, Ricky says the song isn’t “Maybach Music 3″ but somethin’ more special. Oh baby.

Raekwon’s Purple Tape On eBay For $5K

How’s this for a collector’s item? The original purple tape is currently up for grabs on eBay for $5,000.  That’s a lot of C.R.E.A.M. According to the description:
The auction begins May 19th. Better start saving.

2 ugly sister

waka flocka caught in gay club with his shirt off

18-year-old arrested in Silver Lake Park mugging of 2 boys

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A Brooklyn teen is accused of ganging up on two young boys in Sliver Lake Park earlier this month, attacking them and robbing them of their bicycles.
Kevin Borrome, 18, and three accomplices ganged up on the two boys — ages 12 and 13 — as they were riding through the park at about 8 p.m. April 18, police allege.
"Nice bike!" one of them yelled, authorities allege, before Borrome and one of his accomplices commanded one of the boys to give up his bicycle.
When the boy didn’t comply, Borrome punched him in the face, and went through his pockets to steal cash and a cell phone, court papers allege. One of the accomplices took the bike, police said.
Borrome’s other two accomplices surrounded the second boy, punching him in the face as well before they took cash, a phone and the bike, police allege.
Police arrested Borrome Tuesday, charging him with two counts each of second- and third-degree robbery, fourth-degree grand larceny, petit larceny, fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property and third-degree assault.
The other three suspects remain at large.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business Episode 3

Tiny & Toya Season 2 Episode 3


Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beamin

Marques Houston - Sunset

which one would you smash ??

3 charged in gunpoint deli robbery that sparked Tompkinsville standoff

4-28-custody.JPGA man is taken into police custody after a two-hour search in Tompkinsville last night.
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Two men and a teenager from Brooklyn have been charged in connection with an armed deli robbery that sparked a tense police confrontation in Tompkinsville last night.
Police say Dwayne Sanders, 22, Willie Gary, 23, and Kwameek Stallings, 17, robbed the Staten Convenient Food Market at 164 Victory Blvd. Tuesday night, then hid under the store’s bathroom insulation after being interrupted by police.
Helicopters and heavily-armed police units swarmed the block, shutting down part of the neighborhood for two hours until they found the suspects in the bathroom.
As police tell it, Gary held a gun to the deli clerk’s head while Sanders and Stallings took money from the cash register and lottery tickets from the counter.
One of the suspects forced another man in the store at gunpoint into a back bathroom.
Sanders then took Gary’s gun, ordered the clerk to hand over his wallet, and repeatedly pistol-whipped him in the back of the neck, court papers allege.
After their arrest, Gary tried to give police a fake name, while Stallings tried to convince police he was 14 years old, court papers allege.
All three face first-, second- and third-degree robbery charges, said William J. Smith, a spokesman for District Attorney Daniel Donovan.
Stallings and Gary also face an additional charge of false personation, while Sanders faces two counts of second-degree assault.
Here are photos:

2 midgets geting banged


just received word THIS MORNING that as of yesterday, Nicki Minaj and her longtime boyfriend Scottie ARE OVER.

As reported to you two weeks ago, Nicki and her DJ/hypeman have been dating for nearly 4 years.

Could this SPLIT have something to do with those Nicki and DIDDY rumblings we're hearing about. Well . . . if not, that would be ONE HECKOVA COINCIDENCE!!!!

new artist : BakerDon Bang Hard

New Music: Nas x Damian Marley “Friends”

You can always lean on your friends. And today our amigo Nav comes through with track #11 off Distant Relatives. Thanks, pal.

New Music: DJ Khaled Ft. Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Swizz Beatz & T-Pain “All I Do Is Win (Remix)”

Khaled makes his rap debut on the remix to “All I Do Is Win”. Hey, stop laughing! Other than that, nearly the entire game is on this. You’re all winners in our eyes.


Vado On Da Spot Freestyle

Styles P Mini-Freestyle At B.B. King

50 Cent The Lost Tapes On The Record With Fuse

Last November, Fuse aired 50 Cent’s On The Record episode. The footage left on the cutting room was salvaged and was shown last night. Above is the full 20 minute segment. Lock in. Curtis is always a good interview.

Drake Says Thank Me Later Is Done


New Music: Fat Joe “I’m Ill (Freestyle)”

“Put 24 on ya back just like a Laker”
Joey gets pretty ill real quick as he hops on Red Cafe’s track. Plus it looks like he got some nice beat makers onboard for the next album. Enter The Darkside on June 29th.

DJ Christion

RZA To Produce GZA’s Liquid Swords 2

Yeah, we had the same look on our face too. It appears that Rae’s OBCL2 has started a trend. According to the Abbot’s recent tweet, he will be handling the production to the sequel of GZA’s ’95 solo classic, Liquid Swords. Bong! Bong?
Heads up: AHH

new artist: Chedda Bang- I LUV U

New Music: Cam’Ron & Vado Ft. Kid Cudi “Ur Killin’ Me”

Last night during Killa’s appearance on Green Lantern’s Invasion Radio, Green let the Alchemist produced track go on the airwaves. Today, thanks to Minya, here’s the CDQ version of Cam’s Boss of All Bosses 2.5. Pretty random combo, but Cudder on the hook is dope.

Sexy Ass Milf Toni Braxton rocking a cat suit letting her cyat breath

sexy ass tony braxton.


halle berry silly halle orange can get it$red.jpg

is she: dress to impress or just a plain hot mess$DSC_0097.jpg.$DSC_0098.jpg

trina sitting on my couch waitng for some dick$9053$1.jpg

who's pop is this pimping these young ho's in the club$@t.jpg

things i would smash in the club raw$@K.JPG.$@H.JPG

would you smash this white devil?$7.JPG

Bobby Brown Death Rumors Proven Fake

The latest rumors circulating on web is that Bobby Brown is dead. For the record, Bobby Brown has not died. Bobby Brown, the R&B singer-songwriter and a dancer is alive and well.

The rumors about Bobby Brown's death arose from his latest tweet on Twitter that he was drunk. Police in the city where he resides confirmed that no report regarding the death of one Bobby Brown has been issued.

Staten Island stand-off ends with 3 in cuffs

standoff.jpgA police stand-off in Tompkinsville ended early today with three men in custody. Above, an ESU officer searches the area of a deli on the corner of Victory Boulevard and Fiedler Avenue for the suspects.STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. --- It was a tense two hours in Tompkinsville last night after cops stopped a delicatessen hold-up and the gunmen retreated into the building — forcing a partial shutdown of the neighborhood as dozens of NYPD units mobilized to seek out the suspects, police said.

Early today, cops took three men into custody in connection with the stand-off. No one was injured.

It was just after 10:30 p.m. when a passing patrol car spotted a gunpoint robbery in progress at Staten Convenient Food Market, located at 164 Victory Blvd. on the corner of Fiedler Avenue, sources told the Advance.

The three armed men fled into the building, which has two residential floors above the first-floor bodega.

The men were seen “heading upstairs,” according to police radio transmissions.

“They’re up on the roof, they have the advantage right now,” a lieutenant was heard broadcasting over the police scanner. “Have all MOS [members of service] take cover.”

Officers could be seen kneeling by their vehicles' doors, standing behind telephone poles and peering around the corners of nearby buildings. Arriving later to the scene was Assistant Chief Stephen Paragallo, commander of the borough’s police force.

Luis Marquez, 18, who lives on Fiedler, said: “It was pretty intimidating.”

Victory, Fiedler, Brook Street and Westervelt Avenue were all shut down as numerous specialty NYPD units — including Emergency Service, K-9, Hostage Negotiation Team and Technical Assistance Response Unit — clogged the surrounding roads. Ambulances were also called in should anyone require medical attention.

As two NYPD helicopters hovered overhead, cops with machine guns and a K-9 team stormed the building and conducted floor-by-floor, room-by-room searches.

“It’s like an earthquake right now, they’re hovering over my building,” said Robert Martin, 18, who resides on nearby Avon Place. As he spoke, the wind created by the helicopters blades scattered loose trash and swayed trees.

Just before 12:30 a.m., police escorted the three handcuffed suspects out the deli’s front door and into awaiting police cars.

They were all transported to the North Shore’s 120th Precinct stationhouse in St. George for questioning.

As of early this morning, police officials said charges were still pending.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

precious.... hottest mess in the game

Police surround Tompkinsville building in search of suspects

April 27, 2010, 10:53PM

View Larger Map

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. --- Suspects wanted for an alleged robbery at about 10:40 p.m. have fled to the
roof of a Tompkinsville building, according to police radio

Police have 164
Victory Blvd. surrounded as the wanted men -- who are apparently armed -- are
supposedly on the roof.

Multiple NYPD
units are responding to the scene, including Emergency Service Unit personnel,
Aviation and the Hostage Negotiation Team.

More information
will be posted once it becomes available.


ever wonder who drove The Van in Staten Island that Always Gets Decorated for Each Holiday